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The Shortbread Tin Collective comprise a core of 3 Scots musicians seeking to make modern music, mostly with a Scottish tinge but using modern approaches, rhythms and technology. We are Ken Donaldson, Colin Campbell and Robert Gray. As a  collective  we aim to co-opt other musicians to help create the sounds we are aiming for. We are Edinburgh -based and record and create in Will-o -the- Wisp Project Studio Edinburgh. 
Forrest Road
Forrest Road are Ken Donaldson and Colin Campbell recording tunes from the Scottish folk cannon with a modern twist.
Postcards from Home
Postcards from Home is Ken Donaldson recording spoken-word  from well-know poems to found, profound and whimsical words framed by original music. The album Postcards from the Attic is available for download. Occasional  musical support will be sought from friends.

Jim VincentJim Vincent is a seasoned jazz composer and pianist who has worked in the UK and is now resident in the USA.
Peter Nardini
Peter is a well -known singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Lanarkshire. He has recorded the albums Sixtysix, Vandal Scrawl and Velvet Elvis  at WOW and you can get the CDs from or downloads from  iTunes and amazon

Jen McLeish and Gillian Hamilton
Their album 'One minute' is available for download

Bill MacNee and Ken Donaldson
The new album 'Bill, Ken and Len',  Leonard Cohen songs reimagined, is now available for download
Album 'Time it was' is available for download
Neil Devlin
Neil is a well-known singer in the Edinburgh and Newcastle area and his albums ' Breaking cover', Tangled Roots and Excalibur, mostly recorded at WOW, are available for download.
Crawford Mackie

Crawford Mackie is well known round the Edinburgh Jazz Scene for his singing but he also writes songs of perspicacity and style. He performs a selection of these in the album 'Blue'.

Juliet Anderson

Juliet is a talented young singer songwriter from Edinburgh